The Montana Islamic Society aims to foster a supportive, compassionate, and knowledgeable community in Missoula, MT that focuses on all of our community members including the youth, refugees, converts, students, and Muslims from all over the world.

Where We’re At (Nov 2021)

Our first years have been successful despite Covid-19 MashAllah. We’ve established regular prayers at the community Masjid, a regular Jummah attended by 15-40 people, and a Sunday School for our youth.

We are facilitating free Arabic classes, re-establishing a women’s Halaqa group inshallah, and refugee programs are major focus right now.

In addition to these accomplishments, we’ve provided food on Sunday to the homeless, and done intermittent drives and deliveries of supplies such as bins of clothes, fuel, tents, sleeping bags and more to those need. 

As we enter our third year, we are still at a stage where funding is more important than ever. Our space is not permanent, and we must begin fundraising and grant-writing for a building of our own down the road inshAllah. Additionally we’d like to expand our classes and resources, keep our website current, be able to pay occasional stipends to our core staff, and have a baseline for purchasing food and supplies for those in need. We would also like to have a greater media presence in our area so that new arrivals to our community can discover us! It’s amazing how easy it is to live in a city and be unaware of critical resources. Because we are a relatively small, young community comprised of mainly converts, refugees, and students we need the support of individuals outside of Montana in order for us to be able to provide essential services for Muslims in our area.

So please consider supporting our growing community and nonprofit by supporting the Montana Islamic Society! Alhamdulillah we’ve had a blessed beginning, and we can’t wait to continue our services with your help.